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Welcome to the ​​​​​NH Business Show. I’ve grown the idea of this company from my desire to help people, and it’s not failing to impress. Small businesses often have a problem getting their names out in to the public sphere, this is where we come in.

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Sit down and talk with Chris about what makes your small business unique. All guests are invited on the show free of charge. If you have a business good book to share, Chris will happily accept a copy as a gift!

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If you're using social media to do business and you don't have a funnel set up to help you get leads than you are missing out on money. Let me show you how to utilize funnels in your business and automate a large portion of your business.

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NH Business Show - Chris Pastrana

Chris Pastrana

Hello everyone, welcome to the NH Business Show. I started this all a few years ago when a friend/mentor told me that doing interviews with other business professionals was a great way to build a reputation for myself. Since I was fresh out of the Army and about to make my professional debut into NH I figured it was a great way to get my name out there. Sadly working for others quickly became a thing of my old life, BUT I realized I really enjoyed speaking with people about business and entrepreneurship. Shortly after launched under the NH Business Show name officially and began the journey.

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"Behind the scenes insights on the important stuff that makes a business REALLY run"
John Lee Dumas
Host | Entrepreneur on Fire

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Learn more about some of New Hampshire’s most interesting small businesses and the people behind them. 

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