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I started the NH Business Show three years ago with a simple concept in mind. I want to build a platform that gives small businesses a place to share their products, stories, and purposes.

I understand that most new businesses don’t have the money of mega powerhouses like Coke or Pepsi.

So to help give them an edge I created the show.

Sometimes when a guest sits in front of me it’s the first time they’ve ever done something outside word of mouth marketing.

You’d be amazed how difficult a simple question like “tell me about yourself and the business” can be for people to answer.

I’ve learned a lot about businesses and the struggles new ones face. This is what I release the products I do, to try and help.

I recently added two more partners to the mix so we could add even more to our services and increase the number of businesses we can help.

Digital marketing, copy writing, coaching, etc.

I want to see small businesses do well and thrive in today’s market.

Everyone always talks about small businesses, their support for them, and how people should support them more. The problem is people aren’t helping themselves, and in reality they’re not helping other small businesses.

To date I’ve done around 270 interviews. It amazes me how many guests love what we do for businesses but won’t share our message or hello others get a spot so they can get their out.

Post interview, guests just seem to forget that they were even on the show and never take the time to even share it. The ones who do see great results… Others see none.

We’re only a couple of months away from the half way point this year. Have you seen any of the results you wanted to see?

If you are than keep it up!

If not than you should reach out to myself, Amanda, or Logan to see how we can help you.

Thanks for reading and go earn some money.


Episode 247: Eat Well and Beyond – Heather Taylor | NH Business Show

Today on the NH Business Show Heather Taylor, owner of Eat Well and Beyond joins me to discuss being a dietician, her journey towards entrepreneurship, and working in a world of fad diets.

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So I have an interesting situation come up today. I’m usually very good about being on time and ready when I schedule interviews. Today was apparently not that simple.

I will start by saying that I apologize to the individual who was waiting at my door for me. I was inside waiting for you to arrive and I never heard you knock… I also didn’t see you when I checked outside, it was a very odd mistake on my part.

From this I learned a couple of things. First, I need to adjust my procedure for how I greet and verify guests prior to recording. People almost never show up early, but apparently it can happen (as you proved). Second, not to feel bad when it does happen. I spent most of the night being upset with the sequence of events that led to this incident, and that ruined an entire night of work for me. If you dwell on the things that upset you, the problems inflate and become far worse than they should be.

People make mistakes, we learn, grow, and move on. It wont be the last time I make a mistake that makes me look like an idiot.

Embrace your mistakes, don’t hide from them or be ashamed. Deal with it and grow as a person and business owner.


New Show segment

I’ve decided to do it!

In addition to my regular show I will be adding a new segment.

The market is filled with coaches who will coddle you and hold your hand until you fail. That’s not how I do things.

I’d rather poke holes in every part of your business and show you your weaknesses so you can get better and make money. 💰 💰 💰

Most businesses don’t last their first few years, and that’s partially because owners aren’t taking it seriously. Entrepreneurship isn’t romantic.

So if you have the courage, sign up and let’s see how you do in the hot seat.

To get a spot on the show, follow the link below and get scheduled.


Your Routines Are Why You Fail

This is basic. Business runs on routine. Unlock the doors at 7am, counting the register, bank deposits at noon, lock up at 9pm, etc. The daily ins and outs may be constantly changing but their is a pattern, a skeleton to the day.

This is an area where entrepreneurs forget to focus. In your rush to “Be your own boss” you forget to be the boss. You act like regular workers, procrastinating your way through the day and waiting to clock out. This doesn’t work for entrepreneurs, it’s why you fail!

You need to get your routines in place, get the skeleton built. Once you have them in place you will see amazing progress in you business. Here are some great tips for getting started…in case you can’t think of anything. This schedule is based one of mine and changes depending on the day.

Wake up – 7:00

Shower – 7:10

Breakfast – 7:20

Pack up Children+Drop them off – 8:00

Arrive at office – 8:30

Prospecting – 9:00

Read emails – 10:00

Lunch – 12:00

Prospecting – 1:00

Interview for Show – 2:00

Interview for Show – 3:00

Pick mini humans up from sitters – 4:00

Dinner – 5:00

Family Time – 6:00

Gym – 9:00

Edit Videos for Show – 10:00

Sleep – 1:00


Get specific with your schedule. If you have something scheduled, don’t miss it. Grow the discipline needed to be the boss of your business, not just an employee. If you just can’t schedule everything down to the moment, then block out miscellaneous times so you have time to handle things that may come up during the day. Being on time will not only help your mood, because you feel accomplished, it’ll actively push your business in a direction.

0 Percent

I gotta be the bad guy here for a minute.

Businesses come and go. Some do well and some fail. I see it all the time.

What drives me nuts is when someone has options, they do nothing with them, and then they fail. Why?

I’m putting together a huge platform of businesses for everyone to use, learn from and get on… Yet only a small portion take advantage of it.

I get that some people may be shy, fine… But everyone else?

Our sponsors provide huge benefits for businesses (which is why I pick them) including, financing, marketing, sales training, etc, but people don’t take the time to check them out. I get it you have no money so you can’t use them.

Before things get so bad that you need to shut the doors why don’t you at least reach out to talk? Maybe we can brainstorm something to help you out!

Do you want to own 0% of a business that’s failed? No you probably don’t want that at all. So take some time to check out our

Before you give up and close everything for good come see me, ask for help. Maybe nothing will change but let’s explore the options and see if the collective knowledge I’ve collected can turn your 0% into something.


I see a lot of people today are talking about the super bowl and how great Tom Brady and the Patriots are. That’s fine, I understand letting off steam… But

We spend so much time holding up the accomplishments of others. How many of you have gotten into a fight over Brady being the best quarterback of all time like it’s a badge of honor for you? It’s not your accomplishment. I know this from personal experience. Back when I was younger I would tote around the fact that my father was an Army Ranger. It was cool, he had gone through R.I.P. and made it to regiment. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that it wasn’t my accomplishment… so why did I treat it like it was?

Children do this a lot. They have yet to accomplish things for themselves so the only way they can compare themselves against their peers is by using their family’s accomplishments. But you’re not a child anymore.

Stop holding onto the things that your favorite team has done. Your favorite public figure. Your favorite child.

Start making your own laurels. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished, and what you have yet to accomplish. Every step you take is one towards your own dreams but you’ll never get there if you don’t start.

R3 Contingencies for College Students

By Amanda Silva, Cast Iron Content

Ensure Your Future Freedom with Assurance from R3 Contingencies

As you embark on your college career, you’ve heard plenty of advice — often unasked for — about the importance of preparedness. After all, “the best offense is a good defense” right? And, as Benjamin Franklin (Founding Father, super into freedom) warned, “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.”

These expressions are often presented as arguments for good studying habits or as tips to stay organized and follow a game plan for academic success. But, what about “real world” success that isn’t about projected professional achievement? What about success in the form of emergency preparedness; in other words, security against “real world” situations that you shouldn’t attempt to handle alone?

At R3 Contingencies, we provide communication and transportation services, along with monetary resources and reentry employment assistance to assist you in the event of a legal emergency. Our mission is to protect individuals who find themselves in trouble, whether or not for the first time. If it seems like trouble has found you — maybe you were in the wrong place at the wrong time — you’ll need assistance when it comes to understanding and navigating the legal landscape. R3 Contingencies provides that assistance in the form of a single phone call.

Here’s how it works… 

Success is Contingent on Communication
You’ve been arrested and are now in police custody. In order to get through this ordeal communication is key. But, you only get one phone call and in this day and age with everyone so reliant on their cell phones, it’ll be a miracle if you can remember the digits to your most dependable contact. That’s where R3 Contingencies comes in… literally.

Simply call our easy-to-remember number and let us contact the people on your list you have specified in advance. This way your one call turns into as many as you need. Whether you want us to alert your folks, significant other, employer, counselor, or everyone, we will make the calls on your behalf so that your circle is informed of your current crisis.

Next, we will show up, post your bail, and get you back home or back to your home away from home, if that’s your dorm room, an off-campus apartment, whatever. This means that come morning, you could be back in class, having never missed a beat, or clocking in at work, on-time and with no one the wiser as to what happened only a few short hours ago.

How do you access this kind of safety net? 

Simply visit our website and sign up for any of the five levels of service you think will keep you covered in the event of an emergency. Listen, this is really no different than shopping for health insurance. You have no idea what tomorrow will bring, you certainly hope you don’t need any catastrophic coverage, but it’s certainly better to be prepared than risk losing everything following an illness or accident.

So, whether you were out raising Cain or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, at R3 Contingencies we’re here to help, not judge. Sign up for one of our plans and afford yourself some extra protection and professional services. You can’t put a price on peace of mind, but with our tiered levels of service, you can find the best fit for your budget. Everyone should feel protected, especially in their weakest or lowest moment. Check out the options and reach out to the R3 Contingencies crew directly with any questions or concerns. We’re here 24/7.

Assure your freedom with assistance from R3 Contingencies.

Get a special addition to your membership by putting in your information below.

From Making Headlines With My Brain Injury to Writing Them

From Making Headlines With My Brain Injury to Writing Them

Editor’s note:

This post was written as a follow up to a previous guest blog post, featuring our copywriter intern Jayme Severance and his struggle to find full-time employment, having overcome tremendous oddsin the wake of a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Motivated to use my business as a platform to “provide opportunities for fellow creatives to pursue their passions and talents in a professional setting,” I established an internship with Jayme, the results of which are highlighted in his own words below. Combining my mission with Jayme’s upcoming birthday wish to be employed full-time as the enthusiastic, hard-working copywriter he is, the following represents Jayme’s rapidly expanding writing portfolio. The intention is that this newly published work will help fill the gaps in his resume, making him a more compelling candidate to prospective employers.

A New Frontier

Ever since coming to Cast Iron Content in early July as a fledgling copywriter, I have stacked up quite a portfolio in less than 90 days, writing copy and content for clients in a variety of vertical markets, including automotive, fashion, and healthcare.

In this post, I have chosen to showcase some of the published work completed in the service of Cast Iron Content’s clients to better market myself to prospective employers, as my internship concludes.

In the words of copywriting genius, David Ogilvy — it is my hope that when employers consider my portfolio, they will “Look for people who will aim for the remarkable, who will not settle for the routine.”

Pushing Boundaries – Copywriting into New Territory

Below are just a few of the clients I have had the pleasure to write for with Cast Iron Content — each had different needs and goals, and each posed a personal challenge for me, having never crafted content in these verticals before.

Crown Dental

Located in Nashua, New Hampshire, Crown Dental is a comprehensive dental practice bringing out the best in the smiles of their patients using the latest procedures and dental technology.

For this particular client, I created eight original 500+ word blog posts to better illustrate their services within the span of a few days. This was enough to satisfy their current content needs right up to the New Year. The posts were inclusive of topics in restorative dentistry, such as crownsdental fillings and bondingveneers, and the occasional preventative PSA.


Founded in 2009, IonLoop is a brand on the cutting edge of performance and fashionable lifestyle accessories infused with negative ion technology.

This client needed three months of blog content consisting of one post per week following specific thematic guidelines. I was responsible for the conception and creation of posts related to general golfinghealth and fitnessathletic technology, and current events.

Automotive Marketing Agency

The client routinely requires both short-form and long-form copy, as well as SEO pages for the latest in crossover automobiles. Here, I was responsible for creating original copy advertising the features of both the 2018 Toyota RAV4 and the 2018 Mazda CX-5, and a comparison piece that differentiated the types of trims available for the 2018 Jeep Renegade.

At present, although my main objective is to secure a full-time opportunity, I may be persuaded to explore certain freelance arrangements in the meantime. If you have a position or assignment that you would be willing to discuss, please contact me directly via email at jseverance.09@my.colby-sawyer.edu.

Take the keys to your own marketing campaign

Marketing on social media can be expensive if you have somebody else manage your accounts for you. It’s money well spent if you have a great agency (like the NH Business Show ^_^ ) but if you’re brand new and starting out than you may not have that money needed to bring someone on. A solution has been created for you!

The systems that the NH Business Show creates for its clients have the ability to automate your sales process. Any time of the day, sleeping or awake, on the beach or in the gym, we are able to bring clients to your inbox. This is, understandable, a massive assistance to growing companies. For CONSIDERABLY less than you would have to pay an employee to do the same work, you can contract out to the show’s staff.

But as I said earlier, you may not be able to afford that yet. So what do you do?

Thanks to our partners at Phonesites we are now capable of moving funnels to outside hosts! What this means is that we can build the entire system out for you, show you how to run it, and then turn the keys over. This option allows companies with a limited marketing budget get the same quality work without bringing us on to manage your system. This exchange from your time allows us to help more businesses.

If you’re interested in having the NH Business Show build a funnel for you on social media than reach out to us at Chris@NHBusinessShow.com and we’ll get you started.