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Episode 135: Epiphany Consulting Group – Christine DeAngelis | NH Business Show

Every consultant has a different style, a different area where they bring substantial change to businesses. Today on the NH Business Show we speak with Christine DeAngelis, owner of Epiphany Consulting Group about how her financial skills and knowledge with money is exactly what businesses need, but are often missing.

Zimventures – https://bit.ly/2IxrmZu
Cards – https://bit.ly/2k715GF
Ideal Health – https://bit.ly/2rVYdRg
Lammore – https://bit.ly/2FFLZQM

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Social Media Funnels are back!

Hello NH!

Today I’m going to do something really cool and awesome and show you all how to set up your own funnels on social media. The only thing you need is a little bit of time,

a good offer, and phonesites.

This program is brand new to the market, and makes funnel generation quick and painless. With it you can generate an endless supply of funnels for your business. I mean that, endless.

Take a few minutes to watch the video I made showing how easy this program is to use and how to implement it into a social media marketing strategy.


If you need even more power, this system is capable of being automated with integration into Aweber. You can set up automated campaigns that  so you can follow up with leads like a pro.

This system works amazingly for Real Estate Agents, Contractors, car sales, Fitness Facilities, Dentists, etc.

To the right is a simple example of a page that’s turning out leads for the NH Business Show. The only thing you need to do is reach out and let us know that you’re interested in some training and we’ll get you started.

Episode 134: Primerica – Drew Clapp | NH Business Show

Today on the NH Business Show we speak again with Drew Clapp of Primerica, as he shares with us his journey since his last appearance on the show and how he’s making strides in the marketplace.

B2B: http://www.newenglandb2bnetworking.com

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New Website for the NH Business Show

As of the 28th of May 2018, the NH Business Show has upgraded our website to allow for a more personal and powerful experience.

There have been many changes, including the release of a new press section, all of which are aimed at helping the community get the most for their time on the NH Business Show website.

For more on these changes, or any questions, reach out to NHBusinessShow@gmail.com.

Episode 16: NH Business Show | Friends of Kevin – Kevin Willett

This week we're joined by Piper Turgeon, owner of Eco Chic Interiors. Piper's an eco friendly interior designer and she's amazing at making your home or business eco friendly. We wanted to discuss homes and how purchasing the correct home can benefit you 30+ years down the road when your body starts to get rusty.

Find more from piper at www.Ecochicint.com

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Episode 8: NH Business Show | Pour Me Bartending – Kathy Torres

Join me while I chat with Chuck Therrien an Aflac insurance agent. If you don't have a policy to protect yourself from accidents, cancer, strokes, etc than you should give Chuck a call! He's great and he knows so much about the business.

Contact him at 603-851-1154
Twitter- @Chucktnh
Email- Charles@petrainsurance.info

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Episode 1: NH Business Show | Dream an Adventure – Jorrel Persuad


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