Losing the game in the 3rd

I learned a lot from July as a business owner. My experiences through the month were eye opening and in a way makes me sad for the entrepreneur community.

This is your warning, I’m about to come down hard on everyone I see online and in person on a fairly constant basis. Through my day to day life I try and be kind and I often grit my teeth when I hear and see things that I want to say something about, but I typically just hold it in, for the sake of this recap I wont do that.

Entrepreneurs, you’re full of shit.

There I said it. You read it correctly. Here’s why.

I’ve been running the NH Business Show for 3 years now and I’ve always wondered why 4th quarter was always so slow for businesses. I heard excuses of all kinds but it wasn’t till I read a couple of books on prospecting (Fanatical Prospecting and High Profit Prospecting) that it was pointed out.

When you hit a slow period in your business you should look back at 60-30 days prior to see what you have been doing. This target range shows that if you take June-August off you will have a rough 4th quarter of the year. Stop doing that!

I understand the trouble of having kids. I have 4 of them (and the two little ones are young). I understand being married, so am I. Until a few months ago I was still in college so that isn’t much of an excuse. Getting some relaxation in doesn’t take months either, and with automation it’s possible to go on vacation and continue prospecting.

Our businesses are like our bodies. If you stop working them out they get out of shape and take time to get back up to speed. Your bills don’t stop, so why do you slack on your marketing?!

Stop telling yourself that it’s okay. I can see your stress, I feel it as well.

Stop telling others that you’re working at 100% when you’re barely at 20%. We can see the work you do, and see the lie as you keep telling it.

Get up, go make money, and come see me if you need any help