Great reasons to join our Coworking Space

1. Free Parking: Yup! It may sound simple but we have a parking lot, no paying for parking or fighting for parking spaces.

2. 24/7 Access: Once you’re a member you get a code to the door and can come and go as you’d like.

3. Great Location: We’re located off exit 4 in Londonderry, I-93. The area houses a huge amount of businesses and is growing rapidly, it’s an awesome place to grow your business.

4. Tools: We have tools you probably don’t. Our stage, light box, offices, internet, podcast room, and conference room are great to have on hand.

5.Community: Everyone in the community brings value to everybody else, it’s an amazing value.

6. Private Offices: If you need a little more space because you’re business is growing, we can provide that.


Here are some things we’re about to implement.

Mail: You’ll be able to receive business mail at the coworking space.

Discounts: Discounts with local businesses

Leads: We’re working on a system to have jobs submitted to the cowerc for our members.

If you think these are the only benefits than you’re losing out!!! Join us now for only 75$ per month.