The NH Business Show

I started the NH Business Show three years ago with a simple concept in mind. I want to build a platform that gives small businesses a place to share their products, stories, and purposes.

I understand that most new businesses don’t have the money of mega powerhouses like Coke or Pepsi.

So to help give them an edge I created the show.

Sometimes when a guest sits in front of me it’s the first time they’ve ever done something outside word of mouth marketing.

You’d be amazed how difficult a simple question like “tell me about yourself and the business” can be for people to answer.

I’ve learned a lot about businesses and the struggles new ones face. This is what I release the products I do, to try and help.

I recently added two more partners to the mix so we could add even more to our services and increase the number of businesses we can help.

Digital marketing, copy writing, coaching, etc.

I want to see small businesses do well and thrive in today’s market.

Everyone always talks about small businesses, their support for them, and how people should support them more. The problem is people aren’t helping themselves, and in reality they’re not helping other small businesses.

To date I’ve done around 270 interviews. It amazes me how many guests love what we do for businesses but won’t share our message or hello others get a spot so they can get their out.

Post interview, guests just seem to forget that they were even on the show and never take the time to even share it. The ones who do see great results… Others see none.

We’re only a couple of months away from the half way point this year. Have you seen any of the results you wanted to see?

If you are than keep it up!

If not than you should reach out to myself, Amanda, or Logan to see how we can help you.

Thanks for reading and go earn some money.