So I have an interesting situation come up today. I’m usually very good about being on time and ready when I schedule interviews. Today was apparently not that simple.

I will start by saying that I apologize to the individual who was waiting at my door for me. I was inside waiting for you to arrive and I never heard you knock… I also didn’t see you when I checked outside, it was a very odd mistake on my part.

From this I learned a couple of things. First, I need to adjust my procedure for how I greet and verify guests prior to recording. People almost never show up early, but apparently it can happen (as you proved). Second, not to feel bad when it does happen. I spent most of the night being upset with the sequence of events that led to this incident, and that ruined an entire night of work for me. If you dwell on the things that upset you, the problems inflate and become far worse than they should be.

People make mistakes, we learn, grow, and move on. It wont be the last time I make a mistake that makes me look like an idiot.

Embrace your mistakes, don’t hide from them or be ashamed. Deal with it and grow as a person and business owner.