Your Routines Are Why You Fail

This is basic. Business runs on routine. Unlock the doors at 7am, counting the register, bank deposits at noon, lock up at 9pm, etc. The daily ins and outs may be constantly changing but their is a pattern, a skeleton to the day.

This is an area where entrepreneurs forget to focus. In your rush to “Be your own boss” you forget to be the boss. You act like regular workers, procrastinating your way through the day and waiting to clock out. This doesn’t work for entrepreneurs, it’s why you fail!

You need to get your routines in place, get the skeleton built. Once you have them in place you will see amazing progress in you business. Here are some great tips for getting started…in case you can’t think of anything. This schedule is based one of mine and changes depending on the day.

Wake up – 7:00

Shower – 7:10

Breakfast – 7:20

Pack up Children+Drop them off – 8:00

Arrive at office – 8:30

Prospecting – 9:00

Read emails – 10:00

Lunch – 12:00

Prospecting – 1:00

Interview for Show – 2:00

Interview for Show – 3:00

Pick mini humans up from sitters – 4:00

Dinner – 5:00

Family Time – 6:00

Gym – 9:00

Edit Videos for Show – 10:00

Sleep – 1:00


Get specific with your schedule. If you have something scheduled, don’t miss it. Grow the discipline needed to be the boss of your business, not just an employee. If you just can’t schedule everything down to the moment, then block out miscellaneous times so you have time to handle things that may come up during the day. Being on time will not only help your mood, because you feel accomplished, it’ll actively push your business in a direction.