0 Percent

I gotta be the bad guy here for a minute.

Businesses come and go. Some do well and some fail. I see it all the time.

What drives me nuts is when someone has options, they do nothing with them, and then they fail. Why?

I’m putting together a huge platform of businesses for everyone to use, learn from and get on… Yet only a small portion take advantage of it.

I get that some people may be shy, fine… But everyone else?

Our sponsors provide huge benefits for businesses (which is why I pick them) including, financing, marketing, sales training, etc, but people don’t take the time to check them out. I get it you have no money so you can’t use them.

Before things get so bad that you need to shut the doors why don’t you at least reach out to talk? Maybe we can brainstorm something to help you out!

Do you want to own 0% of a business that’s failed? No you probably don’t want that at all. So take some time to check out our

Before you give up and close everything for good come see me, ask for help. Maybe nothing will change but let’s explore the options and see if the collective knowledge I’ve collected can turn your 0% into something.