Take the keys to your own marketing campaign

Marketing on social media can be expensive if you have somebody else manage your accounts for you. It’s money well spent if you have a great agency (like the NH Business Show ^_^ ) but if you’re brand new and starting out than you may not have that money needed to bring someone on. A solution has been created for you!

The systems that the NH Business Show creates for its clients have the ability to automate your sales process. Any time of the day, sleeping or awake, on the beach or in the gym, we are able to bring clients to your inbox. This is, understandable, a massive assistance to growing companies. For CONSIDERABLY less than you would have to pay an employee to do the same work, you can contract out to the show’s staff.

But as I said earlier, you may not be able to afford that yet. So what do you do?

Thanks to our partners at Phonesites we are now capable of moving funnels to outside hosts! What this means is that we can build the entire system out for you, show you how to run it, and then turn the keys over. This option allows companies with a limited marketing budget get the same quality work without bringing us on to manage your system. This exchange from your time allows us to help more businesses.

If you’re interested in having the NH Business Show build a funnel for you on social media than reach out to us at Chris@NHBusinessShow.com and we’ll get you started.