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Bellman's Jewlers - Alex Bellman

Today on the NH Business Show I had the pleasure of using the Bellman Jewelers, Inc. studio, as well as interviewing Alex Bellman on tips for picking out Diamonds, men's jewelry, and how to get ready to propose.

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DMH Beauty and Associates - Deana Horne

Hanging with Deana is always a blast! Today on the NH Business Show, DMH Beauty and Associates joins me to talk about getting started in the industry, how to deal with your skin in cold weather, and the ever changing practices in the industry.

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NH Strategic Marketing - Kyle Battis

Today on the NH Business Show I'm joined by the owner of NH Strategic Marketing​, Kyle Battis​. Kyle takes his time to discuss Facebook and google advertising, helping businesses find their ideal clients, and the 8 step perfect customer system.

This is one you don't want to miss!

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Modern Revolutions - Jack Potvin

Today on the NH Business Show I'm joined by Jack Potvin of Modern Revolution Small Business Marketing & PR​. Not only is he the youngest entrepreneur to join me on the show to date, he's also running 3 different businesses! Pretty awesome and I can't wait to see where the road takes him.


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