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Piper is an eco friendly interior designer. As the owner of Eco Chic Interiors, Piper wants to enhance your life style not change it. She will help you make choices aimed at promoting a healthy environment for your home or office, as well as, purchasing locally when we can. She has a team of building professionals to make sure your projects are done correctly, timely and within budget. She takes the pressure off of you, the client, by anticipating the little things that come up in the middle of a project. Your project is her top priority.

"I drove my parents crazy redecorating my bedroom over and over as a teenager. This spilled over into my adult life helping friends pick colors, arrange furniture and pull it all together. I would surprise my husband with a newly painted room he hadn't expected, or a different furniture layout. After a while it made sense to turn my love for design into a business. 

I enjoy spending time with my family, especially the grandkids. They bring joy and happiness to my life and I in turn pass that love and energy on through my work. The experiences I have while traveling around this country, and abroad, give me unique perspectives on every day life that I can bring to my designs in an exciting and relevant way. My respect for our environment help me to make design choices that will help promote a healthier home for my clients.

My mind and my eyes are always open to new possibilities and experiences that boost me as a person and a designer. I learn from every project and I grow from every client I work with."

Piper has decorated several rooms in our home over the past 3 years, my husband and I never make a major purchase, or even move furniture around without her guidance, she truly is an asset to her craft. 

Nat, Litchfield, NH  

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Her promise:
Every client is out top priority, reguardless of project size or location
Every project is the best we've ever done
Every item purchased, or repurposed, is done with your best interest in mind
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